Don’t let unnoticed shingle damage become a major repair problem!
Hail Damage
Hail is always a part of Colorado Summers!
Hail damage is usually not visible from a ground level view and small damaged areas will erode over time leaving you with costly repairs. Once the integrity of the shingle is compromised further disintegration is only a matter of time.
If you are not sure of the condition of your roof give us a call. We will come out and give you a FREE, honest inspection and
report on whether you need roof repairs or a complete new roof. Please contact us with questions or to schedule an appointment
give by calling or EMAIL
Wind Damage
We’re not the Windy City but we do get our share of High Plains wind! Damage to your shingles can start small and over time, if
neglected, become a major repair problem. We all know the storm chasers that come through and leave at the end of the season,
leaving their clients without support or warranties. Don’t get fooled. Because we are locally owned and operated we won’t be going anywhere